Indoor Plants Over the last few years, gardening has seen a resurgence in it’s popularity. Particularly, we might note, in the indoor plant sector. Indoor plants make for ideal gifts, excellent pets and most importantly, hilarious memes. So what is it that people are loving the most about keeping house plants, and what are the top picks for the best indoor plants in Australia? We have no space People in Australian cities today have less garden space than ever before. We have downsized to fit into our ever-growing cities and most of us are lucky to have a balcony, let alone a backyard. As such, the growth (pardon the pun) of the less traditional indoor garden has skyrocketed as a result. It is now not unusual to head over to Susan’s for drinks on a weekend and feel like you’re entering a small greenhouse with a kitchen. They are better than flowers Controversial, I know. Flowers have long been the gift of choice for birthdays, house warmings, apologies and other special occasions. But lately, indoor house plants have all but stolen their crown. People are now seen nabbing a rubber plant on the way to a Bbq or ordering indoor plants online before a weekend birthday lunch. Either way, a space once reserved for candles, flowers and wine has now become the home of houseplants and indoor gardens.  So what should we get? So many memes tackle the seemingly unachievable goal yet constant delight of keeping indoor house plants. Plant people are the new cat people and we are here for it. So what makes for hardy indoor plants that won’t die if watered Tuesday instead of Wednesday? And what are the best indoor plants Australia has to offer? Here are our top 5:   Snake Plant Lowest of low maintenance, you’ll never have to text this plant back. They are said to filter out unwanted chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and toluene and can survive in both bright light and low-level light. Be aware though, not so friendly for your pets.  Pothos If you kill even the easiest of plants, this one is for you. It thrives in neglect and can from to an epic 10 feet long. This plant is also like a stormtrooper and literally breeds new Pothos off itself. Do I hear free future plants? You betchya. Keep your animals away, though.  Rubber Plant If you have a nice, bright spot in your home and a tendency to forget to water your plants, this one is for you. Does better with less water than more and loves a bright corner of the room. These beauties need space around them to thrive and remove carbon dioxide from your home (what?!). No pets, sorry.  ZZ Plant How would you like to water your indoor plants once a month? It’s possible, with a ZZ. Just place in medium light and enjoy as your plant stores water in its rhizomes under the soil surface, allowing it to thrive in infrequent waterings. The ZZ plant is thought to bring good fortune or luck with its thick, textured leaves and therefore makes for an ideal housewarming gift. It’s often referred to as the fortune tree. Again, no pets.  Spider Plant Finally, one for the pets! If you have a bright room with no direct sun and a penchant for jungle interiors this one may be for you. Easy to care for and pet-friendly, this makes for an all-round easy addition to your home. An additional win, Spider Plants are also an air purifier, removing both formaldehyde and xylene.